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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom, My Own.........

Privacy is an illusion.

We only think it exists,
the same way we think that
the puppy in the shop window
will remain a puppy forever.

Or that someday, the children
will actually remember
when it's their turn to do the dishes.

Privacy is a wish, a hope, a dream.
But, in the end
It's only an illusion.

--Liz Armbruster


Annemarie said...

I get it. Completely.

Robert Brault said...


Nice thought -- and a nice hand in phrasing it. You've come up with a gem in the words, "Privacy is an illusion." The illusion is not only in that we can never attain it but, as you suggest, that the wish for privacy is itself an illusion, since if we ever attained it, we wouldn't want it.


Peter said...

Did Peter walk in ob you again?