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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm Thinking RB's..............

I have a blog friend named Robert Brault. He goes by 'rb' when he comments on my blog, or on his own blog, for that matter. You should check him out if you ever need a good quote on.....well, just about anything!

Need a good quote about parents?
I'm thinking RB's:
"If you have a dad, you have a hope,
and if you have a mom, you have a prayer."

On marriage?
I'm thinking RB's:
"Marriage is nature's way of ensuring
that a woman picks up
some mothering experience
before she has her first child."

On friendship?

I'm thinking RB's:

"Friends never ask
favors of their friendship.
They ask favors of each other,
making it clear that their
friendship is not at stake."

So, the next time you need a good quote. Remember to think RB's!! Just be sure to tell him that I sent you!


Robert Brault said...


You are soooo generous! I'm especially pleased to see a couple of quotes I thought dead and buried in my archives. Thanks much.


Randi said...

I'm thinking RB's too!

Liz, this was a wonderful play on his name, that at the same time gives tribute to a man whose quotes are without compare.

I don't think I'll ever view an Arby's commercial without thinking of Robert now!

Kotab said...

It took an eternity to realize that the squiggly thing on top of the Arby's text was a cowboy hat.
that is all