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Monday, September 14, 2009

Are those Christmas Bells I hear.....?

The kids are back in school. There is a slight (very welcome) chill in the air. I've flipped my calendar to September. And panic is setting in.

Because these things are all signs that Christmas is just around the corner. We have entered "The Season".

Never mind that I still have 4 birthdays to celebrate between now and Christmas. Never mind that we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving yet to come. Nevermind that I am ahead of even the most ardent retailer in my Christmas quest. I'm still worried about Christmas.

My worries? Will Jacob be able to come home for Christmas? If he can come, how much will I have to pay for a ticket to get him here? What do you get for the man who has everything and needs nothing? (my dad) Or for the kid who has everything, wants for nothing, but still needs something to open on Christmas morning?

I'm done shopping for Mary. I've actually been done with her for months (shopping, I mean!). And I have gotten a few little things here and there for the boys in my life.

But what if I get inspired and want to make something for someone for Christmas? If that's the case, then the ispiration had better come soon! It takes time to put these things together, you know. And what if I buy the wrong size? Or the wrong color? Or the wrong game?

You can see where this might be an issue. Maybe I'll just go on strike this Christmas. Maybe we'll just relax, enjoy each other's company, watch a movie and eat take out. Nah.....It'll never happen.

Now if you'll excuse me....I think I have to go call Travelocity.

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diane said...

My kid said she doesn't want anything this year. She wants to take the money and do service. I know, I don't know where she came from.